Electric Rider-seated Tractor LTX 70

Intelligent pulling

  • Towing capacity 8000 kg
  • Speed 20 km/h

Three letters stand for the next stage of evolution in electric tractors and transport vehicles: LTX. This forward-looking forklift truck pulls up to eight tonnes quickly and reliably to wherever you want – whether indoors or outdoors. The automatic parking brake ensures safe starting on ramps and easy dismounting: It is activated as soon as the vehicle remains stationary. The STILL Ramp Indicator also informs the driver at all times of the current incline or gradient. Achieving optimal forklift truck utilisation has never been easier. Even frequent mounting and dismounting over short distances is a thing of the past with the LTX, as in pedestrian operation mode the vehicle follows the operator at every turn. It is not just the low access step that makes it comfortable to sit down in the truck: The driver’s seat that is also used in the forklift sector impresses with its excellent springing and cushioning, while the spacious footwell also provides sufficient space for the largest work shoes. The durable and environmentally friendly LED daytime driving lights ensure the vehicle is visible at all times – a significant plus for safety at work. The multifunctional use, whether in the production supply, as tugger train, in facility management or in the transport of luggage at airports: The future of more efficient horizontal transports has begun.

Low access step and spacious footwell

LED daytime driving lights

– low energy consumption, high safety level, excellent durability

Pedestrian operatios

provides efficient production supply

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The LTX 70 in detail

The "Simply Efficent" factors: Performance attributes as a measure of economic efficiency

Simply easy

Optimal forklift truck utilisation:
gradient display informs you at a glance about the current incline and gradient situation

Connect trailers quickly and safely with clear view of the trailer coupling Precision at the touch of a button:
reversing device enables you to drive the tractor safely and precisely up to the trailer

Sensitive acceleration and steering
guarantee that goods are transported safely and smoothly

Comfortably seated:

spring-mounted and cushioned driver's seat based on STILL forklift truck design offers a high level of comfort

Easy access
thanks to low step

Simply powerful

High handling rate:
pulls and transports loads of up to 8 tonnes

Fast transport of goods
thanks to top speed of up to 20 km/h and high gradeability

Low wear and long service intervals
of 1,000 operating hours

Compact design and extreme manoeuvrability
for optimum working performance, combined with sensitive drive control

Simply safe

Optimum safety through combination of three braking systems:
electric brake, hydraulic brake and automatic parking brake

Be seen:
LED daytime driving lights make the vehicle clearly more visible

No unintended rolling away:
the automatic parking brake is activated as soon as the truck remains stationary

Excellent durability of the tractor battery through easy maintenance:
The battery's acid level is monitored and shown in the display

Long-lasting and energy-saving LED lights

Simply flexible

Simple, fast, stress-free:
renewed energy in just a few moments with lateral battery change

Always hands-free:
generous storage facilities in the truck, e.g. for documents, beverage bottles and mobile devices

Different towing couplings
for a variety of trailers

Simply connected

Concisely informed:
the STILL neXXt fleet web application brings together all relevant truck information at a glance

Innovative STILL FleetManager keeps operator and truck safe:

operator management and shock detection as well as damage and cost minimisation thanks to access control


Lateral battery change

STILL’s proven lateral battery change ensures optimum vehicle availability and ergonomics.

STILL Ramp Indicator

Safe operation at all times thanks to the STILL ramp indicator, displaying reliably and at a glance the current slope of the terrain.

Efficient and comfortable:

The pedestrian mode eliminates the need to get on and off for short distances.

Convenient working

Ample leg room and top driver comfort thanks to the spacious footwell.

Safe and comfortable from the first step to the last:

The low and non-slip entry step makes it easy for the driver to get in and out.

Operator workspace

The operator workspace offers numerous adjustable options, such as the adjustable steering column, to ensure users can work productively, comfortably and without impacting their health, regardless of how tall they are.

Safe operation:

With the LED daytime driving light operators always have good visibility and are also reliably seen themselves.

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Model Overview

Maximum capacity (kg)
Maximum drawbar pull (kg)
Battery voltage (V)
LTX 70 150 8000 48


The document provided for download is the updated version of the operating instructions for the standard truck. It does not include descriptions of customer options (Customer Option). For a concrete truck, please request the respective specific manual according to the serial number and the year of production from the STILL spare parts service.


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